Barcelona’s Offer for Vincent Kompany

Kompany has become major role for famous club in Premier League such as Manchester City. His role to be the captain of the team has been proved with the winning in Premier League championship. There is recent news related to him especially about the transfer. If you review out there, the Liga giant has made many offers to get this soccer player to join them. Yet, the fact is that Kompany has no intention in living Manchester City.
Although he said that he refused in leaving Manchester City and joining Barcelona, he said that he was very close in joining the team. In this recent time of transfer news, you can find out that he had signed for the new contract for the Manchester City up to 2017. Barcelona actually had gained interest to Kompany for long time. Yet, Kompany really refused the offer even for later.
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He said that he was so much comfortable with his current team. He also said that he had no intention at all in departing from Etihad Stadium. Especially after he and his team won the Premier League, the loyalty had become so much stronger more and more. Yet, everything could happen in the future. We need only to see the development of the transfer news.
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